I started this blog for people to discuss mountain lion sightings and reports in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. I noticed that there were many great websites, blogs, and discussion boards devoted to mountain lion sightings in other states of New England, but not one just for Vermont. I encourage everyone who has seen a mountain lion or heard of a report to please leave a post here.  Please make your sighting as detailed as possible. Let us know the date, time of day, how long the sighting lasted for, where you saw the cat in Vermont, and describe what the cat looked like and was doing.  If you have any pictures you can post them here too!

Now, let’s start talking about our favorite big cat!


23 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog dedicated to discussing mountain lion sightings in Vermont!

  1. John Lutz, 99 Beagle Boot Lane, Maysville, WV 26833

    I have been following the eastern mountain lion mystery since the mid-1960s, in every state, east of the Mississippi River. In that time frame, have collected over 9,500 excellent reports from responsible witnesses, which includes law enforcement & forestry personnel. Other sightings have come from individuals with various responsible backgrounds. Originally I began in the Mid-Atlantic States, but widely expanded my collection to include all the New England States, at the suggestion of the late Prof. Harold Hitchcock of Vermont’s Middlebury College. In June 1991 and again in July 1993, my wife Linda and I, visited Prof. Harold & wife Martene at their Maine Cottage overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, where we had serious discussions on the WILD, NATIVE, FREE-ROAMING cougars-mountain lions and their ancestors who have inhabited the eastern U.S. for over the last 500 years. Sure would appreciate OLD sighting reports from across Vermont from the late 1800s thru 1990. Sincerely, John Lutz, 99 Beagle boots Lane, Maysville, WV 26833 or epuma@frontier.com

    1. Kimberly King

      Hello…my husband and I were at our Vermont vacation home taking a furniture delivery. My husband was on a conference call and was staring out of our front window while on the call. He waves me over and shows me an animal lying in our driveway. I said”holy cow, what is that?” He said “look at the tail, it is a mountain lion.” I questioned if we even had them and quickly googled. I wouldn’t let him outside to take a pic and we only had an iPhone. Normally we have good cameras but we were just up there for a quick delivery. So this is the best we could do for a photo. My husband hunts and tracks. We know it was not a bobcat. The tail was very long and we estimate it to have been at least a hundred pounds. At first my husband thought…wow huge dog and it turned its head and it was a cat. It took a rest in the shade of our driveway for about ten minutes. We watched the entire time. The date was June 17 at about 1 pm. We live pretty much in the midst of the Green Mountains in the town of Andover. I can send the pics I have.
      Kimberly King

      1. John A. Lutz

        if you send me a USPS mailing address, will forward to you, a few of the many Eastern Puma Network Newsletters, we have published on an irregular basis since 1973. My e-mail: epuma@frontier.com /// my mailing address 99 Beagle Boot Lane, Maysville, WV 26833
        Guess you know, that Prof. Harold Hitchcock had a tremendous interest in cougar-mountain lion sightings and reports from the 1940s thru his death in the mid-1990s….he was on staff of Middlebury College….
        Johnny Lutz

  2. Mike Copeland

    I am basically a pro whitetail hunter living in Roxbury vt. I hunt all over the country for big bucks. I am here to tell you I was stalked by a mt lion in vt and was lucky to get away with my life. I am 6′-2″ 200lbs at the time I was looking like Bruce lee because of working out daily for dirt bike racing. I was in Waitsfield on the common rd when it happened. I was walking 3 dogs at night all with leashes only 75 to 100 yards from the house I was staying at when it happened. So I walked out of the driveway turned right when I saw a pair of yellow greenish eyes under an apple tree I asumed it was a deer because I had seen many deer their earlier in the day. I wanted to see how close I could get walking closer and closer the eyes did not run in fact they started to come to us. Now only feet from what I realized was a mountain lion I was in horror. The cougar was so close I could smell it. The lion three feet away crouched down and screamed in my face, at that point i have never been so scared in my life i thought this is it i am a dead man. The dogs did a 180 a pulled me away. The cat was huge and tail was at least 3 feet long and thick. I did not run but walked briskly away looking back cat was following me and it did so untill i was half way to the house. I think the only reason the lion did not attack was because of the dogs. Latter that night we were all woken up by the most awful sounds I have ever heard the mt lion was in the back yard chasing the house cat back and fourth. Lucky the house cat got away. A few years latter our friends saw the mt lion cross rt 100 directly below the spot of my incounter.
    I have also seen a cougar in Roxbury. One time a found a perfect mt lion print in the soft silt by the bull run stream only 70 yards from my front door. I showed several farmers and they all said wow that is a huge cat track. I could shoot my self in the rear for not taking a cast or picture. I studied the track it was the front paw left in the silt while the cat was drinking from the brook. I am willing to put my hand on the bible or take a polygraph. I never told anyone but family.
    Happy hunting Mike Copeland

    1. John Lutz, 99 Beagle Boot Lane, Maysville, WV 26833

      It does NOT surprise me, you would have seen a wild, free-roaming, native ‘eastern’ cougar, aka puma, mountain lion in Vermont. Prior to the mid-1990s, the late Wildlife Professor Harold Hitchcock of Middlebury College, became Vermont’s Official Big Cat ‘hunter’, who sought evidence of the Big Cats across the Maple State. During Harold’s tenture at Middlebury College, he spent many an evening with wife martene, conducting ‘in field investigations’ across Vermont. The “Grandfather of eastern Cougar Studies, began investigating ‘big cat’ sightings in the 1940s. His studies NEVER ended, even after going nearly blind by the mid-1990s. I was proud to acknowledge the fact, of being a CLOSE friend to both the Professor & his wife Martene. My wife Linda and I, spent several days with the Hitchcock’s at their Atlantic Ocean-front Cabin overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, from high up on a cliff, where you could hear the screams of at least 1 of Vermont’s wild cougars, in both 1991 and again in 1993. Prof. Hitchcock’s experienced led him to believe, a minimum of 10 wild cougars, inhabited the various forests of Vermont….

    2. Covey

      Hi Mike. I swear that is what I saw this morning at about 4 am in my drive. I was awakened by a wailing sound that I thought was a woman in great pain and fear in my front yard. It wailed just one time but it woke me from a sound sleep. My elderly mother lives with us so I got up to investigate and saw a large animal with a tail at least a foot long walking between the cars in our driveway. It was dark so I couldn’t get a good look but I waited till it came out past a vehicle and saw the outline of the entire body. Of course no real good tracks on the hard packed driveway but I know what I saw and heard. I have seen plenty of bobcat in my life and my son and I were even lucky enough to see a lynx about 8 years ago. I know the difference. While on vacation last summer in the Sequoia’s we had a lion cross the road in front of us at about 11 at night one night. I know what they look like and this silhouette was very much the same as that cat last summer. Bigger than my rottwieller/Lab cross. I will not go into the woods unarmed anymore ever.

  3. lou

    my friend has agreat hunting camp in sandgate vt. he just sent me a photo from a trailcam on his property,and without a doubt he got a picture of a mountain lion I don’t know how to transfer photos to here,but I can do it to an e-mail

  4. Dorathy Langevin

    On Jan 22, 2015 while walking in North Fayston, VT I came across what I believe to be a Catamount paw prints. I took pictures but now wished I had placed an object to get the scale of the prints. They were huge. They were at least 4-5 inches at the widest part of the pad. Very distinguishable nails marks in the snow. I will try to take more photos with an object to show scale.

    1. John Lutz, 99 Beagle Boot Lane, Maysville, WV 26833

      Since my 1st contact with Prof. Harold Hitchcock in 1981, I have collected big cat sightings from across Vermont from the internet.
      During the Summer of 1991, my wife Linda and I, took 3 days on our vacation, to meet both Harold & Martene Hitchcock. We even enjoyed the pleasure of taking them out to dinner, then returning wiith them for a delightful 3 days with them, dicussing the big cats, while they vacationed at their Atlantic Oceanfront Cottage.. HHH was firmly convinced, wild cougars inhabited Vermont, as well as each of New England’s nothernmost states. He was also convinced, wild pumas were traveling South from the eastern Canadian Provinces of Ontario & Quebec, into northern Maine’s vast wilderness….I have an assortment of reports from across Vermont, if interested in copies….
      John A. Lutz
      Director, Eastern Puma Research Network
      99 Beagle Boot Lane
      Maysville, WV 26833
      24 Hour Hotline: 304-749-7778 if interested in discussing our favorite subject.

  5. Laura Becerra

    Wile traveling north up 91 on Oct. 4 2015 with my family at about 3:30 pm We saw a dead mountain lion laying on the left hand side of the north bound side of the road. At first I thought it was a deer because of the color and size but as we drew closer I saw the thick long tail and realized what it was. does the highway department have a record of those? It was a few miles south of the Hanover exit.

    1. John Lutz (Eastern Puma Research Network, Maysville, WV)

      Laura: Did you report the dead mountain lion to the state Highway Dept. If yes, like most state Highway Agencies, they should have a record of both the pickup of its carcass, as well, as to where they dumped it. FYI: I publish a tri-yearly newsletter, dealing with big cat sightings in states, east of the Mississippi River, as reported to us via various websites, as well as telephone calls or letters.

  6. Angeline

    I was driving on cave road on Back side of military base toward Willisdon VT and it was across from ANG Miitary.. The cat was out day light standing in hill that was near road only about 3 FT off ground, looking at me driving by. It was pretty and calm

  7. Theresa

    Saw one this morning lying in the road on our dead end street only about 100 yards from the main road. Was getting ready to let the dog out but I thought it was a big dog that was loose. Well when it turned its head and then got up and walked away I knew immediately what it was. Li mistaking that long swaying tail. What a site. So special

  8. Dan Moore

    I was traveling west on Route 131 in Wethersfield just west of Downers 4 Corners on January 22 about 12:15 AM during a light sleet and snow storm when a big cat ran across the road in front of me. The cat was a goldish / tan color not real big but at least twice the size of a full grown fox,very long thick bushy tail.The tail was almost as long as its body. It crossed the road and went into the woods. I have seen 6 bear,several Fishers and all the common wildlife in VT but never anything like this.

    1. Johnny Lutz

      Dan Moore::: IN reference to your big cat crossing Route 113, YES, mountain lions/cougars/pumas, 3 of the most popular names for North America’s largest unspotted, lion-cat, travelling free in almost every state, across the USA. When seen in Florida, they are of approx. 35 wild cougars, known as the Florida Panther, of which a few are totally BLACK, and known as “panther”, but are actually of the ‘jaguar family… In the last few days, 3 sightings have been reported to us, large brown cats in Tennessee and Indiana, a total black cat, in Virginia. As a hobby gone astray, I have recorded more than 20,000 big cat sightings, from all states, east of Mississippi River since 1969. Occasionally 3 times a year, I send out ‘news-letters telling of latest reports…by concerned persons collecting such data.. ..If still interested or wanting a news-letter Eastern Puma Net-News copy, send your street or P.O. Box, city, zip-code, so a copy can be sent in early April. J.A. Lutz, P.O. Box 313, Maysville, WV 26833. E-mail address: epuma@frontier.com

  9. Jess Demers

    I saw a mountain lion in 2010, in March in Hartland Vermont during a horrendous snow storm. No one is on the road at 430-5am. I worked in wrj,VT. I thought it was a deer and slowed in case it ran in front of me. It was on a hill beside the road looking across, when I looked at it better I saw the long tail and cat ears. What else could it be so big I thought it was a deer with a long cat tail? I have seen a bobcat as I had one that hung around one of the places I lived-I believe he may have been hurt because he hung around for about a month which is uncharacteristic of them if I remember correctly, and I also believe he same one was hit by Harpoon Brewery in Windsor and boy do they clean up wild cats fast. Upon discussion I have found that Hartland residents report seeing mountain lions frequently-there are people that swear they come on their porch (one who works at ascutney hospital in windsor) and other older residents who have reported seeing them around the North Hartland Dam on an early morning walk. The dam is a protected area from hunting. I have seen herons and other things there. All reports are the wee hours of the morning. My understanding is that they can roam a 50 mile radius as home, so seeing one there could mean it lives 50 miles away in the woods. There were also people who spoke of seeing prints in a specific area in Hartland as well. I worked in Hartland for a few years and it seemed to be common talk. When one person submitted a blurry photo to the newspaper-they printed it, the authorities saying it was a dog I believe if I recall correctly. If you search vally news archives I believe it’s there-it’s clearly not a dog. I am an analytical person and I would say regardless of what they think it is-it was clearly a large cat of some sort.
    Are you aware of the old black wild cat story? Back in the 60s a traveling zoo lost their black panther, and denied it. There were reported sighting of it but Vermont and NH denied the allegations. However they put out a statement that IF there were to be a wild cat such as this it was illegal to shoot it. Interesting history


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